How Michael Hill Almost Lost His Home

A chronology of one borrower's experience with a mistaken foreclosure. Related Story » Close [x]

Early 2009

After falling behind on his mortgage, Hill has many phone calls with Chase, but is not offered a modification.

April 2
Chase files to pursue foreclosure on Hill’s house.

August 2
Chase refers Hill to a housing counselor. With her help, he applies again for a modification.

October 2

Chase sells Hill’s home at a foreclosure auction for $86,000.

November 5
The sheriff issues Hill a notice saying he’ll be evicted in one week.

November 11
Chase calls to tell Hill that he’s been approved for a trial modification.

November 18

Chase purchases the home back for $19,521 above the auction price.

December 1

Hill begins the trial modification.

Source: ProPublica interviews with Michael Hill and Hill’s records. All photos by Bruce Flashnick.